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    Find The Best Whole House Humidifiers For Your Home

    There’s too much at stake to be dry – humidify!

    You might think of a humidifier as something that only needs to be used during the winter when it’s cold and dry. The summer heat brings weather that can oversaturate the air, which causes condensation to form on a variety of surfaces. In turn, this also increases the chance for allergens and molds to invade your home.

    With a whole house humidifier you can keep your home’s humidity comfortable and well-controlled regardless of the season.

    From people to pets, regulated humidity is the best way to keep everyone (and everything) feeling good. If you suffer from seasonal allergies or asthma, or have dogs and cats, a nice balance of moisture in the air makes a significant difference!

    How Does A Whole House Humidifier Work?

    To even out the humidity levels indoors, your whole house humidifier will work directly with your HVAC system to regulate the amount of moisture in the air. There are three types of whole home humidifiers that can do this for your home:

    Steam Humidifiers – Just like a boiling pot of water on the stove, this humidifier uses electric power to boil water and create steam. The steam is then pushed throughout your ventilation system, which increases humidity levels throughout your home.

    Bypass Humidifiers – This type of humidifier works directly with your furnace. It has the warm air pass through a water panel before entering the home’s ventilation system, which allows the indoor air to collect moisture.

    Fan-Powered Humidifiers – Lastly, this design works similarly to the Bypass system by also using a water panel. The major difference between the two systems is that the fan-powered humidifier uses a fan to push air through the water tray, and through the home’s ventilation system in larger quantities. Out of all the whole home humidifying solutions, this is the most energy efficient option.

    In addition to these humidifying systems, there are numerous manufacturers for you to choose from. Let us help you decide what type of whole house humidifier would work best for your space.

    Whole House Humidifier Cost Options

    Harster has cost-effective solutions for your whole house, backed up with strong reviews for our reputation. We sell and install a wide range of humidifier systems and can help you choose the right one for your needs.

    Add A Humidifier Onto Your HVAC in Sunset Hills

    Harster Heating and Air Conditioning is a top-rated residential and commercial company that has been family-owned and operated for over 60 years. We’re proud to work with top manufacturers, offer great prices and provide exceptional installation, repair, replacement and maintenance for the best HVAC Service in Sunset Hills. Please browse information about our Aprilaire Humidifier as well as other humidifiers we can install for you.

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