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    Commercial Rooftop HVAC Units near St. Louis

    Commercial Rooftop HVAC Units near St. Louis

    Need an HVAC unit up top? Shout “Harster” from the rooftops!

    As business owners, it’s essential that you have a functional HVAC system in Arnold to keep not only your employees safe but customers safe, too! Thankfully, hot, humid summers in the St. Louis area are no match for our highly efficient and affordable commercial rooftop units.

    Commercial rooftop HVAC systems are often complicated, as these systems carry a lot of responsibility. From installation and replacement to maintenance, our dedicated team Harster has helped provide a wide range of solutions and packages to companies seeking outstanding solutions for “up there” outdoor air conditioners.

    What Makes Commercial Rooftop Units Different?

    Central air conditioning systems are typically split systems that utilize a split system meaning that there’s an indoor air handler in addition to an outdoor condensing unit. This type of system is ideal for smaller spaces because it doesn’t take up too much space while still being an efficient option for homeowners.

    Commercial building HVAC systems must operate on a larger scale and contain an even bigger condenser. Installing the condenser on the roof of commercial buildings has a handful of benefits, including:

    • Savings: Did you know that cold air naturally sinks? Traditional split systems need to utilize energy pushing the cold air into the ducts. With commercial systems that have a rooftop unit, the air is already where it needs to be so the air can be easily distributed to where it should go. This helps naturally lower monthly energy bills.
    • Convenience: Condensers that are located on the ground can take up valuable square footage as an outdoor unit around your commercial property. The same could be said if it was an indoor unit. On the other hand, Rooftop units are tucked away and out of sight. This frees up valuable square footage around your building that can be utilized for parking or other useful purposes.
    • Easy care: Rooftop units accumulate significantly less dust and debris than units that are located on the ground. Rooftop units are also untouchable to those passing by your building, meaning they are less susceptible to pedestrian damage.
    • Simple maintenance: Routine maintenance is always a good idea, and it’s significantly easier for our team to provide service when we can pinpoint exactly what areas need work.

    Harster Heating and Air Conditioning is a top-rated residential and commercial company which has been family-owned and operated for over 60 years. As one of the leading St. Louis HVAC companies, we are proud to work with top manufacturers, offer great prices and provide exceptional installation, repair, replacement and maintenance for all your heating and cooling system needs.

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    To learn more about commercial rooftop units and how they can benefit your business, call us today at 314-668-2273 or email us here. We will reply within 24 hours between Mondays and Fridays.


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