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    Hastings HVAC, Inc.is a world leader in commercial and industrial heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment. We offer a company-staffed field service organization to ensure that Hastings' products are properly built, properly installed and properly serviced. Hastings HVAC, Inc. is a qualified small business registered in the Central Contractors Registration.

    Hastings HVAC has manufactured commercial and industrial HVAC equipment since 1938, and has attained world-wide reputation for quality and excellence under the Hastings and Dravo-Hastings names.

    You can depend on Hastings HVAC for quality, reliability, service and application experience. It's time for you to discover the advantages offered by Hastings HVAC.

    August 4, 2014 marks the Thirteen Year Anniversary of Hastings HVAC, Inc. We are proud to continue the tradition of World Class Excellence in HVAC Equipment represented by the Hastings name.

    Hastings HVAC, Inc. is a family owned and operated manufacturing company which builds commercial and industrial heating, ventilating and air conditioning and air moving equipment.

    Construction of our clean, modern, and comfortable 70,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility was completed in June of 2002. Owners and employees of Hastings HVAC gathered on July 11, 2002 to watch the first load of equipment produced in the new home as it shipped to Rose Sales in Lakewood, Colorado.


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