Summer doesn’t have to be a bummer

Hey, Folks. Got your sweaters unpacked? Maybe by January, right? I want to catch up with you about a few summer maintenance things that’ll keep you from calling me. Not that I’d mind if you did, but you’ll likely need the extra cash to go into your Ameren bill.

So, here are a handful of quickies that’ll keep your system running well through these ugly, unbearable days.

1. Hose off your outside unit once a month (schedule it when you change your filter), pointing the hose down to push the pollen, twigs and other stuff to the unit’s base

2. Don’t close off too many room vents to save money. You won’t, especially if not enough air comes out of the vents, which could damage the compressor outside

3. Have a clean filter in the furnace. Change it once a month and do it religiously! It will save you a lot of money, headaches, stress and strife with your significant other

4. Don’t put stuff on the hose coming out of the furnace. It carries condensate from the AC unit. It could block the flow, cause condensate to build up and become a hazard

5. Move stuff away from your furnace and water heater. Keep at least 18” of clear space. It’ll keep them from shutting down, and it’s just a good safety move.

 — Dave

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