I’d like to clear the air about clearing the air.

Hi, Folks. Some people think I’m pretty experienced. My wife just says I’m old. Either way, I’ve seen a lot of gadgets, gizmos and fads (sounds like a law firm, right?). Some stuff’s pretty worthwhile, but other things not so much. I get a lot of questions about whether air cleaners are worth the investment.

Basically, air cleaners charge dirt particles so they’ll stick to plates inside the air cleaner. These things aren’t cheap. You’re looking at an average cost of somewhere around $1500 to put one in. There are some experts who think they’re great, and some who think they’re messing with our ozone.

Me? I’m kind of old school. Change out your HVAC filter with a good quality pleated filter and you should be fine. And maybe a few bucks richer for making that call.

 — Dave

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