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Home Automation Ideas

Home Automation Ideas

Home Automation Ideas

Smart home technology was first introduced in the 1990s and, in recent years, it’s become more popular…and affordable. Home automation gives you the ability to communicate with your home and send commands with the push of a button through the internet and your smart devices. You can have total control of your home, even when you’re not there. Here are some cool and clever ideas on ways you can power your home.

Heating and Cooling Automation

Do you manually adjust the heat or AC before you leave your house? Through heating and cooling automation, you can control the temperature remotely with a smart thermostat and your smart devices. And you’ll be able to set your ideal temperature at the specific time you leave and return home each day.

How about that dirty HVAC filter? Ever go to replace it only to find dust so thick you realize you should’ve replaced it a long time ago? How about setting a friendly reminder on your mobile device when your HVAC filter needs to be replaced? Isn’t that a breath of fresh air?

To learn more about energy saving thermostats, click here.

Lighting Automation

Remember those “clap on, clap off” commercials to turn lights off and on? No need to clap now, but you will applaud being able to program specific lights, or all your lights, to go off and on at set times – just by using your smart device. You can also have your lights automatically turn off after a room has been vacant for a certain length of time.

Bonus? If you have any sneaky neighbor kids who like to play ding dong, ditch at your door, set up your outside lights to flash or turn on when your door bell rings. Then watch how fast they can run. Seriously, though, it’s the security aspect of this smart home feature that makes it so useful considering mail deliveries and the recent increase in package theft.

When you’re returning home and it’s dark outside, you can program your outside and garage lights to automatically turn on when the garage door opens. Now, you can actually find your keys to unlock the door.

Security Automation

Smile! You’re on camera…surveillance cameras. If you want to catch uninvited visitors on your own version of Candid Camera, set up a security system with cameras throughout your home that you can access anytime – even when you’re not there.

Ever been in the middle of your favorite TV show when your doorbell rings? Maybe you’re not expecting anyone, but you’re curious who it is. You can program home automation that displays your camera footage directly on your smart TV and find out who’s there without leaving your couch – even stream video from your security cameras to your smart TVs at any time.

Have you ever rushed out of the house and wondered if you locked that door? You don’t have time to go back and check, but it’s worrying you. You can set up security automation after you leave your home. Set up your smart home to notify your mobile device after a certain amount of time if the door was locked and, if not, you can automatically lock it remotely.

Cooking Automation

Are you the chef of the house? Set up your smart device to notify you when your oven is properly preheated and ready to be used.

Another way of cooking that’s popular is to seal food in plastic bags, then submerge and cook it in hot water. You can even get an immersion circulator powered by Wi-Fi and control its temperature on your smart device - whether you’re home or away.

Not a cook but like to eat? Try a countertop oven powered by your smart device and Wi-Fi to cook your meals. Simply put your desired food into the oven, the oven will ask you to confirm the food and how you’d like it cooked. That’s it! Bon-appétit. Cook a steak or toast - your choice.

Cleaning Automation

If you’re tired of pushing a vacuum, let a robot do it. The iRobot Roomba brand offers several models that can fit your specifications and price point. Some of the top models include cameras and smart device control, including navigation maps, cleaning schedules, reports, and voice activation.

How about mopping floors? iRobot also makes robot mops that spray and clean hard floors.

Entertainment Automation

Having a house party? You don’t need a DJ. Set the mood by choosing your favorite music playlist and lighting, and get the party going right from your smart device.

Ever been to a house party when someone has to make an ice run? With smart home automation, you can tell your refrigerator to make more ice before you run out. That’s refreshing.


Energy Efficiency Automation

Home automation ideas are not only clever, but they also have a big impact on your home’s energy efficiency…and your wallet! Automating your lights, heat and AC and plumbing systems are big energy- and money-savers.

Hey, we’re human and we forget things, right? Like turning out the bedroom or laundry room light. Or we forgot we left the TV on in the basement. Home automation lets you to turn those lights and TV off remotely (when you remember). Better yet, you can even set up motion sensors that detect movement in a room and automatically turn lights and TVs off for you.

To learn more about energy efficiency automation, click here.

Home Automation Devices

So how do you make your house a smart home? Here are a handful of the devices you can choose from.

Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is a Bluetooth speaker powered by Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant. Alexa technology works with several smart home devices to control items throughout your home with the sound of your voice.

Amazon Echo

Echo Plus

If you want extra oomph, try the Echo Plus with sound upgrades and a built-in smart home hub.

Echo Plus

Echo Dot

If you have a speaker already, connect your speaker to the Echo Dot and power up Alexa voice service.

Echo Dot

Echo Show

Do you want touch screen capabilities in addition to Alexa voice control? Try Echo Show to watch videos, see surveillance camera footage, and more.

Echo Show

Echo Spot

If you’re looking for the compactness of Echo Dot and want a touch screen like Echo Show, Echo Spot is your home automation device.

Echo Spot

Wink Hub 2

Wink Hub 2 is a home automation hub that works with so many wireless devices that we can’t name them all. This hub can control nearly everything in your smart home.

Wink Hub 2

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