For over a century, Reznor innovations have been providing comfort solutions to the Commercial and Industrial markets.
High Efficiency
Ease of Installation
Superior Quality

With over 125 years of experience in gas heating and air conditioning, Reznor, LLC manufactures a wide range of industrial and commercial HVAC products under the Reznor brand. Founded in 1888 in Pennsylvania, Reznor is a global leader, attained by being at the forefront of HVAC technology, thanks to its innovative solutions for heating, ventilation, cooling and air conditioning incorporated in its extended range of gas fired air heaters, air handling units, condensing units and rooftop units.

Reznor brand products designed specifically to heat, or heat and cool a building or zone of a space.

  • • Maintain comfort in the zone
  • • Provide for freeze protection of fire sprinkler systems and stored goods
  • • Work seamlessly with Reznor brand condensing units and custom designed coils for highest control of cooling capacity.

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