Split & Window
Abundant model lineups offer the comfortable air conditioning environment to you in various assumed installation scenes.

Multi Type System
Multi split air conditioning system corresponding to possible installation in 2 – 5 rooms for one outdoor unit. You can select from some kinds of air conditioners corresponding to the interior design and installation environment.

Airstage (VRF Systems)
VRF SYSTEM is large scale and high performance multi air conditioning system for buildings.

Effective heat exchange and simultaneous fresh air ventilation. High Efficiency and low noise levels are achieved by using a highly efficient heat exchange process. A comfortable air conditioned space is achieved by conveniently selecting whether to use heat exchange or normal ventilation setting, according to the requirements of the conditioned space.

Air to Water
WATERSTAGE is a safe, comfortable, and efficient water heating system by adopting heat pump technology that utilizes the heat in the air.