Ducane is all about providing outstanding value in home heating and cooling. Every product we make has been designed, assembled and factory-tested to make sure it delivers the highest quality, greatest efficiency and longest dependability. It is the Right Choice. Right now.

Ducane heating and cooling equipment is always the right choice. We use components chosen for their durability, then test and inspect every piece of equipment for quality before it ships.

Everything Ducane makes is designed to save you money, season after season, while keeping your home comfortable. Your energy savings from year to year will vary based on the efficiency of the unit you choose. Installation can also affect performance and efficiency, so be sure to choose the right dealer, as well.

Ducane products are built to last and lab tested for dependability. Each one is designed to deliver reliable comfort while helping you save money. No matter what the weather or season, Ducane is always the right choice.

Air Conditioners
When the weather is at its hottest, Ducane air conditioners are ready to provide economical cooling relief. To find the best choice for your home, compare air conditioners by efficiency rating, and by the number of cooling stages.

Gas Furnaces
While they may be similar in appearance, furnaces can perform very differently inside. When comparing furnaces, the differences mainly come down to efficiency, followed by the motor type and stages of heating.

Oil Furnaces
Ducane oil furnaces come in three different styles to provide you with the most economical solution for your home, your ductwork and your heating needs.


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