Throwing Heat.

Things on the Cards’ mound might be okay, but it’s another brutal summer in Mound City. The next few weeks are going to be intense – in some ways, probably the most oppressive heat we’ve seen for a long time. And for your workhorse AC, that could mean trouble.

This quick post is to give you a quick reminder tip about your system and to give you a head’s up on a scam. The number of scams goes up as quickly as the thermostat rises, so be on guard. And if you suspect something, call us.

Most of all, stay cool. Like me. 🙂

Capacitor Con

Okay, first off, it may help to know what a capacitor is. If you take two electrical conductors (things that let electricity flow through them), then separate them with an insulator (something that doesn’t let electricity flow very well – you make a capacitor: something that can actually store electrical energy. Capacitors come in all different shapes and sizes.

A disreputable company might show a customer a 35 Microfarad capacitor. On the capacitor checker, they’ll show the customer that it’s only reading 34 Microfarads and say that the capacitor is getting weak. Here’s the con: most capacitors do show a little lower than their rating. There’s a 10% allowance on the reading of a capacitor, so it’s really not weak until it reads about 31.5 microfarads. Just a little helpful hint. And don’t forget, if you ever get a repair or replacement done, make sure you always ask for the old parts, just to be sure the parts were actually changed.

Quick Summer Tip

We don’t want you to be stuck with a non-working HVAC system. So, here’s a quick checklist if your system suddenly stops working. As always, call us if you need a hand. We’re crazy busy, but we’ll get there as fast as we can:

Here are the first five things to check on:

  1. Filter change? (listen for a “whistle” through vents)
  2. Thermostat batteries? Are they dead?
  3. Do you have electric? Turn thermostat to “on”. If the fan is on, you’ve got power.
  4. Check your circuit breaker. If it’s off, re-set it.
  5. Check your “furnace switch” if it’s in the “off” position, switch to “on” and wait a couple minutes because some furnaces have a delay.

 — Dave

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